Inventor is a 3D mechanical solid modeling design software from Autodesk, used to create digital prototypes for facilitating functionality in advanced mechanical engineering design. The software brings in accuracy of 3D models by enabling better visualization and simulation of products at the pre-production level.

With integrated tools and interoperability with other CAD softwares, Inventor helps to create and test almost everything from fundamental mold designs to detailed mechanical engineering models.

Capable of producing complex designs and virtual prototypes with complex assemblies and thousands of parts, the software ensures reduced errors & manual re-working, faster production cycle, better functionality and quality within less time and at a lesser cost.


Inventor incorporates integrated motion simulation and assembly stress analysis, which helps in the dynamic simulation for testing the product functionality in a real-world scenario. This enables the optimization of product features like assessing the strength and weight of a product, recognizing high-stress areas, identifying and reducing unwanted vibrations, and also to size motors thereby reducing the overall energy.The finite element analysis feature helps to validate the component design by testing part performance.


  • Engineering design productivity
    • Focus on functional designing:how things function rather than the geometrical aspects
    • Automatic generation of multiple views including front, side, isometric, detail, section, auxiliary etc. Any changes in the structure are notified and updated instantly.
    • Lifelike representation of design from structural composition to how each parts move and function
  • Integrated CAD simulation
    • CAD file conversion & compatibility
    • CAD rendering & design documentation
  • Enhanced productivity
    • Easy transition from 2D to 3D
    • Integrated Data Management
    • Design Automation
    • Automatic Drawing Updates and Views
    • Automatic Bill of Materials

80 hrs


Basics in AutoCAD or familiarity with any CAD software is reccommended .


Inventor is a popular and prominent CAD tool widely used in a variety of designing fields from Industrial Equipment & Machinery to Industrial Analysers, and from Automobile to Furniture manufacturing.