Colleges/Institutions works very closely with institutions which are premium engineering colleges, delivering technical courses like Bachelors in Engineering (BE), Bachelors in Technology (BTech), Masters in Technology. also associates with Polytechnic and ITI institutions delivering Diploma and other Certificate courses.

The primary focus of is to augment the skill set of these new generation engineers and diplomats. has a course for all specializations of Engineering and Polytechnics. is known for the modular approach of customized course delivery on campus for these type of institutions. A majority of these skill augmentation programs are crafted to complement the curriculum and thereby increasing the employability of the student in the job market.

The courses  offered are on the latest and most popular technologies in the market. Also the training is specific to what the need of industry is at any given point in time. works closely with the management and the heads of the department and staff of the institutions to see that the student is taken to the heights of their possibilities. The popular industry certification especially the Autodesk Certified Associate and the Autodesk Certified Professional are given special attention. These certifications are internationally recognized where the skill set of the student is validated on international standards. The students are made employable on a global level with these certifications. These certifications ensure that the students ability to use the technology is on a global level and the skill set is approved by the technology developers themselves.