International Students

If you are a foreign national and are interested in pursuing a career in designs, provides an interactive learning environment in which you can develop skills, increase your knowledge base and gain qualifications.

Through certification courses, we provide training on design solutions that equip students with the skills and knowledge that they require for a broad range of careers across various industries. Graduates with a strong sense of professionalism and ethical practice is what we strive hard to produce.

To provide experiential learning facilitated by highly experienced and qualified practitioners and educators is our major commitment. There are limited number of students in each class to enable the educators to provide individual attention to the students with flexibility that allows students to maintain their personal and professional commitments. welcomes applications for admission from foreign nationals to pursue courses across the globe in Design Engineering Stream. We are a leading institution of higher studies in India, imparting quality education. We have launched the Study India Program among the several new initiatives, to cater to the needs of international students. This program was created with an aim to assist international students adjust to life on the campus and its surroundings. It encourages the students to meet, at least once a year, to discuss issues pertaining to their academic and social well being.

At we help you

  • Acquire practical skills
  • Acquire international experience and work overseas
  • Build a personal network
  • Acquire thorough theoretical knowledge
  • Learn to understand yourself and explore your future

This is a great opportunity that will enable us to develop mutual understanding through study, research and professional development to create international education experiences. – International Student Services (IISS) under the India Study Program –

This office assists students in the following:

  • Attain a visa from local Indian missions/embassies
  • Arrangement for air tickets
  • Arrangement for travel to and from the airport
  • Arrangement of accommodation
  • Arrangement for food
  • Arrangement of local and international tourist trips
  • Arrangement of language training at our center to improve language skills
  • Any other services required

Admission Requirements

International students intending to study with iCAD should call the Centre or email enquiries to

For any further enquiry, you may write to:

Career Advisor,
International students

Phone: +91 080-41525671/72/73